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Used /Refurbished Physical Therapy Modalities & Commercial Fitness Equipment: Cybex Kinetron II, Cybex Fitron, Cybex UBE, Cybex CII, Cybex NORM, NORM Software Update Pkgs, Biodex Software.

This category contains 26 products.

We offer the latest Update Software/Hardware Packages for both Cybex & Biodex testing evaluation systems. We also provide refurbished Cybex/Biodex systems w/update packages installed. Call for availability.

Cybex parts available for the: Fitron bike, UBE upper body ergometer, Kinetron, 6000, 340, Orthotron & CII. Call for pricing 800-322-2609

Dynatronics 125 Ultrasound Unit - Pre Owned

Hydrocollator Repairs - All Brands - Chattanooga, Whitehall, RichMar

Richmar Theratouch 7.7 - 4 channel Ultrasound/Stim Combo Unit

Mettler Auto-Therm Diathermy ME300 - REPAIRS

Mettler Sonicator 706 Ultrasound "Pre-Owned"

Intelect 245 MP Ultrasound - Pre-Owned

Medco Sonlator Twin mobile Ultrasound Therapy unit

Mettler Electronics Sys*Stim 207A , 2 channel Neuromuscular Stimulator - w/ latest FDA compliant Jacks & Leads *FREE SHIPPING*

Ferno Ille Whirlpool w/ Drain Pump by Podiatry - 23 x 14 x 18 - Pre-Owned

Hydrocollator - Model E-2 #2802 by Chattanooga- Used/ Pre-Owned

Fluidotherapy Motor for Model 110D & 115D

Cybex 25lb Certified Calibration Weight

Cybex Kinetron II Parts - We Stock ALL Kinetron Parts , please call for pricing 800-322-2609

Cybex Fitron Bike Parts: We stock ALL Fitron parts, please call 800-322-2609 for pricing

Cybex Fitron Bike - Isokinetic Ergometer

RichMar HV 1000 HiVolt * Free Shipping*

Midland Calibrated Shoulder Therapy Wheel - Used

Cybex Kinetron II Rehab Seated Stepper - for Orthopedic, Neurological & Acute Care

Cybex Isokinetic Equipment Parts: Cybex 340, 350, CII+, CII, NORM, Orthotron, Fitron Bike, UBE, Upper Body Ergometer

Whitehall T-8-M- Mobile Thermalator Moist Heating Unit - Like NEW! (Pre-Owned)

Cybex Kinetron II User Manual Handbook - *FREE SHIPPING*

Cybex II + Isokinetic Parts

Biodex Systems: Single or Double chair -Refurbished/Used w/NEW computer/software/interface package.

Cybex NORM-Refurbished- w/ NEW Computer/Software/Interface Package

Biodex and Cybex HUMAC Computer Software Upgrade System

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