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Rich-Mar Theratouch 4.7- 4 channel Stim unit

Rich-Mar Theratouch 4.7- 4 channel Stim unit


Rich-Mar THERATOUCH 4.7 four channel Stimulation Therapy Unit w/ Touchscreen. Accessory ready for add on Light & Laser emitters - *SALE* CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING 800-322-2609
Price $3,245.00
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SKU Theratouch 4.7 400-082
CALL for BEST Pricing: 800-322-2609

Theratouch 4.7 Four Channel Stimulator

WARRANTY: 3 years

** Also available as a combo unit w/ LASER and LIGHT capabilities **

The Theratouch units provide four independent channels of stimulation that allow you to treat up to four different sites with four completely different stimulation therapies all at the same time. The Theratouch 4.7 uses a large, bright touchscreen for its operation. Simply touch the desired control on the screen and use the single control dial to set intensity. It is very easy to use and allows you to customize QuikSet treatment for your most common applications.

Touch Screen and Single “Director Dial” Controlled 4 Channel Stimulator.
Theratoch 4.7 has nameable, programmable QuikSets for customized treatments that can be entered and even named to meet the facility’s needs allowing for quick and easy treatment setup by the whole staff
Stimulator has four totally independent stimulation channels that can actually output four completely different waveforms and or treatments all at the same time.
Upgradeable microprocessor controlled 6 Stimulation Waveforms with the ability to download any waveform to the Rich-Mar Theramini 1 satellite stimulator.
Waveforms available on all four channels include:
Quadpolar Interferential (5,000 Hz carrier frequency with Cont & Chain Modes)
Premodulated Bipolar Interferential (5000 Hz carrier frequency with Cont, Surge, Alt and Chain Modes)
Monophasic (High Volt Pulsed Current twin square wave with interphase interval adjustment, with Cont, Surge, Alt and Chain Modes)
Biphasic (Symmetric square wave with phase duration and interphase interval adjustments, with Cont, Surge, Alt and Chain Modes)
Russian (2500 Hz carrier frequency with Cont, Surge and Alt Modes)
Microcurrent (Positive, negative and biphasic outputs, .3 to 1000 Hz pulse rate with Cont and Chain Modes)
Patient safety features include low flow monitor to alarm for poor stimulation conduction and patient isolating safety loads to protect the patient from electrical shock due to power surges or equipment malfunction.
Enclosed in an all metal cabinet
Comes with 4 each patient lead cords and one package of electrodes

19” W x 10”D x 5” H – 14 lbs. Available in 120 VAC, 60Hz or 220 VAC, 50 Hz

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